Gator Hunts


We believe  the best way to advertise is through word of mouth! So we are dedicated to ensure that you have a trip of a lifetime!

Backbay Fishing & airboat tours


10% discount to our Veterans & Emergency Responders

Our Commitment

Bowfishing is exciting and can be done day or night.  We have brand new sodium lights that penetrate the water to find that big fish your looking for. Its so easy even my 7 year old can do it!

Nightstalker Bowfishing & Charters, LLC

Backbay fishing from an airboat is a great way to get in on the big fish that are lurking where other boats just can't go. 

Don't know what to give mom and dad, how about a trip up the river. They can see a beautiful sunset, and nature at its best!

If you have never gator hunted before, what are you waiting for!  We can help you fill your tags or you can purchase one of ours!  Bring a ride along to watch you reel in that gator at NO additional charge!